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Dj Ken Tanabe Spins For Pioneer Pro [email protected] SHOW 2009 SMX Mall of Asia Aug 20-22 2009

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Showcasing the latest Club Industry Standard Equipment from Pioneer....3 days of  scratching,tricks and demo... of the most advanced Pro DJ CDJs and Audio and Video Mixers... Mad shout outs For Zamony,Pioneer Pro Dj,Winstons Desiderio of 10 Inch,Sandy of Beatbox,Marvin Dela Cruz of Red Damien,Ismael and Gregg,Dj Sonny (MastaPlann),Dj Drillskillz for helping me out that nite,Teng and Liza of 10 inch, and ...

Thank you Pioneer Pro DJ Philippines for that HDJ-1000 headphones and bag of Goodies...More power and see u guys on the next world standard Pioneer Pro DJ shows...


Photos at the Photo Galery Page

New Downloads Available Next Week

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Check the download page...

LST Celebration DKT as guest host

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Had the chance again to do a charity work ..This time for LST (Fairview Park)

These Officers are really kind to invite me.More Power to You and Good Bless

Congatulations to New Officers Princess Quilo (Adviser) Florence Pajimola ( Pres) Mark Herminigildo (Vice Pres) Mara Rae Samson (Sec) Dahlia Bayre (Tres) Froi Pajimola (Auditor) B.O.T.s namely Fred Pajimola,Villy Gonzalez,Mark Galvez,Jeannie Ann David,Jen Cabanez,Precy Berongoy,and

Fressia Pajimola (Muse) and Leandro Ignacio Jr (Escort)

Dj Buyz and DKT hanging out at tech booth of 4S MOBILE Lights and Sounds(Mr.Toto Binondo)

Filipinos Are

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FILIPINOS aren't good, we are the best

FILIPINOS aren't cute, we are sooooo fuckin BANGIN!!!

FILIPINOS don't just kiss, we make up

FILIPINOS don't play, we fuck shit up

FILIPINOS don't relax, we chill

FILIPINOS don't dance, we grind

FILIPINOS dont talk bad, we talk dirty

FILIPINOS lips aren't just hot, they're lips u wish u could kiss

FILIPINOS dont just do it, we do it best

FILIPINOS are the people you could ALWAYS trust

FILIPINOS aren't nice, we are sweet

FILIPINOS aren't just friends, we are lovers

FILIPINOS aren't cool, we are awesome

FILIPINOS are sexy

FILIPINOS we're blessed when we're born and were proud to tell everybody that we are 100%FILIPINOS

FILIPINOS arethere are not enough words that could explain how we

FILIPINOS are. People envy us cus they kno we r better!!!!

No nationality is more BANGIN then FILIPINOS!!!!!!!!


***Send dis 2 all da FILIPINOS u kno (even 2 da FILIPINOS/a who gave it 2 u) so ppl will kno dat were proud of being FILIPINO***

Buracroxy Club Timog Ave QC Opening - May 29 2009 9PM

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Original Name/Logo and Branding Development by Dj Ken Tanabe and LabworX Eventswide.

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Original Logo/Video Graphics and Music Production Created and composed by Dj Ken Tanabe and LabworX Eventswide.

Dj ken Tanabe @ the Poolside Party Boracay

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PoolSide Party at Paradise Cove Boracay

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Thanks for the support of my friend Eric Casidsid for and to the rest of  the circle of friends he brought in...

It was not the best yet..But its the 1st...Wet n Wild at the poolside..

Much props to u guys...C U at front beach..

Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009 Finals

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Just when U thought that the summer blaze is over!

This weekend May 16 2009

All roads in Boracay leads to one place

Fairways and Bluewaters

Be there amd witness the MOSSIMO BIKINI SUMMIT FINAL

Saturday 7 PM

Happening on the greatest place to stay in boracay

Fairways and Bluewaters!

Call and text the Station on the DJs cue (Radio Boracay and Yes FM Boracay)

Important !!!! Foreword to all viewers before clicking the links

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GO AHEAD......

Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast Boracay featuring Dj Ken Tanabe powered by Red Damien Studios Sound and Lighting Systems

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Yes im has been a year since the last time.

glad im back...

Fairways and Bluewater Newcoast Boracay (Click to Website)

Red Damien ( Right Click New Tab for website)

I willl be doing things for this huge entity...thanks to Marvin Dela Cruz (of Red Damien Studios)and offcourse and new friend Sir Ike.. and for the record ZestAir Staff and Airport Personnel Domestic Airport Pasay (Timothy and that Girl he had asked for my concerns)....Big Ups to these real people....Many deep thankfulness to u....

Big Things are gonna be happening see u soon..and if ur around the island...holla at me (at my contact info for my digits and for coordinates in the Boracay Island)...

Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009

May 16 2009 Saturday 7pm

Wrap Urself with The Finest

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PinoyRepublic Clothing is now a rap and r&b label.

They have completed anew compilation that  boast North Caloocan’s finest rapper togetherwith some of Manila’s newest and hottest underground rap artist likePikaso, Layzie Fu, Mythical Stenthor, Jhego (of Legit Misfits). PoeticCast, Kashville,. Sydrik, Pinoy Disciples and more. The 18-track albumdescribes the positive attitude that we Filipino’s posses despite ofall challenges we face in life. The album is mainly composed of new rapacts that had made in to the Finals of the RAP MANIA 2008, which washeld in Zabarte Town Center Mall last Dec. 2008. The rappers/rap groupwho joined competition was from all corners of North Caloocan thatstreches from Bagong Silang and to the edge of San Jose Bulacan. Thusshowing extensive talents in writing songs and freestyle battle is amust to be part of the finalist.  The Rap acts that made it were J-ONE, BATANG SILANG, MUNTING ZORRO, YOGAH, ANDYMAC, DEATHROW MOBSTAH and ALMIGHTY-INS. visit them now

Welcome Here Dj Kimozave...Knottybwoy Stylee!!!

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Thanks man.. We proud u can join us over dis side of the virtual world...

visit knottybwoy official

Disclaimer 1

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DJ Ken Tanabe Headquarters knows realizes that there are thousands of illegally distributed copyrighted materials on the internet.All the songs listed on this site are property of their respective owner and are strictly for promotional and personal use only.

If the original artists want me to remove any of their materials, please Email me at [email protected] DJ Ken Tanabe Headquarters supports the music industry and encourages our visitors to purchase original albums of the songs and artists that they listen to.

Shout Outs!!!

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Jephtah Wenceslao , Ansing (Slapshock) , Loki The Boy wonder,Dj Arbie Won, Edgar Allan Ponce MachineGunPoetry,Mixxsyndicate,Dj Peak-a-boo, Dj Ohm,Dj Allan Strange*China,Dj Onnie*Dubai,CLub Dredd,MAgic 89.9, Dj Decipher, Dj Ed,KTZ,Dencio Briones,,Richard,Karlo MArly,Jonas Gonzales ,Spyke (Hongkong),Pamilia D,Warren,Richmond,Billy,tolits,Jojo,Ramir,spoon, Chinese Mafia Brian and Jeff,Jamspot Studio Fairview,Red Damien Studios,Marvin,Robert,Jophey,C5 Boracay,Bern,Dj Mac Boracay,Regency Hotel Boracay

Nini Hernandez and Grace (Club Ascend), Urban Flow Sonny Blaze,Flux,Wilson, Dice & K9,Trapp,Dj Scan,Regency Resort Boracay,Ryan Vargas (Dj Ice),San Diego Tours Nilda Nenale & Noel,Bertud,Dj She,Jay Gomez,Noel Ayus Jos,Rey Lundag,MC Phat Jorge,Forex UMAC Mr.Moosa and Mr BMC,Teresa Paraiso,Nhoi of Klownz,Ralph,Ratsky Ranjo,Jun Santiago,Art Paul Sison,Dj Den,Hameed and Ahmeedo,Big Daddy,Wael,Kalbo Imbrahim Sinan,Evo,Rezo,Dj Tong,Dumandan Family Hillcrest Cubao,Waway Tats(cd ko),Dj Fatbone,Dj Ian (Japan),Don Bigas,Denmark,MOvenpick Hotel Bahrain,Sherlock Holmes Bar,Gulf Hotel Bahrain,Ali and Mr.Bala of Windsor Tower Hotel,Kyler Brown,Dj Kimozave,Diane Carrido & G.I.Jane of Sato,Abante Middle East Edition Jessica,Dj Renz,Dj RB of Crown Plaza Bahrain,Dj Dark Addam of Regent Palace Dubai,Dj Ding Dong of Club OneHeart, Dj Muggz of CypressHil/Soul Assassinz, Venue 101,,Attorney Reynold Munsayac and Fam,Tabasco Charlie Adhari Hotel Bahrain,PumaBoy,KIng Hamad(Ian), Rimma,Mocha(Girls),Parokya ni Edgar,Dindo Yahamaha Bahrain,Robert Silvestre,Al Basir,ChillworX,Swerve,South Border,Nyoy Volante, Wiseguys,Trapped in a box,Retzel,Robert and Jayson Magsaysay Maritime,Scratch Magazine,Soul Sonic,Brownstyle,Tau Gamma Bahrain Chapter,MasterJohn(Centro),Dj John*Twister Club Bahrain), Ed Buenaventura(Club Sex),Patrick Ridennbach,Direk Toto Natividad,Binondo Fam, TV5 shake mo TV mo.Alex and Tony Gonzaga,

Read and Brew Coffe Shop.Jaypee.My Bookers RaLph Brondial,Ms.Ollete,

SUPER SLAM BANG - Catch the hippest dance show on TV5!

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Super Slam Bang airs every Saturday, 11pm on TV5. Hosted by dancing diva Regine Tolentino and featuring Manila's most skilled hiphop dancers competing against one another determined by YOUR text voting, it's definitely a program you won't want to miss. The program is still open for interested sponsors/advertisers. Promote your apparel, footwear, products, etc. on this fast rising channel/program.

Call Monique at the CornerEye office at (02) 747-4184 for inquiries or to express your interest.

You can also email [email protected] or [email protected] Dancers, you still have your chance to show Manila what you got. We are airing 26 episodes are about to air the 5th so hurry and send your profiles/video/pictures to [email protected]

Pamilia Dimagiba's The Resistance Album OUTNOW!!!

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Datas used without their permission from  (Txt mo nalang ako RB he he he....)

The Resistance - Pamilia D

The hip-hop collective known as Pamilia D. (or P.D. to others) are widely recognized Manila’s premier underground group. Pamilia D. is composed of several MC’s (Young Galaxy, 8th Messenger, KD the Encyclopedik, Shadowblyde, Mad Frick, Murder1, Spoon & Dilemma) and award-winning producer extraordinaire DJ Arbie Won aka the Beatraveler.
Independent since 1997, the 9-man crew from Manila gained instant respect and recognition when they released their landmark EP Broke-N-Unsigned. To actually bring 9 members of the group to record a song wasn’t easy. But in 1996 the founding fathers 8th Messenger and Spoon were neighbors and childhood friends. They eventually hooked up with this kid from their school (CEU aka Central Escolar University) who made beats for another rap group, Urban Flow. It was from that connection that Pamila D. branched out to more of its current members. Khan’s Assassins (Shadowblyde and Murder1), Iron Triangle formerly known as Soul Snatchaz (KD the Encyclopedik, Mad Frick and Young Galaxy) and 6th Creation (8th Messenger and Spoon) all formed Pamilia D. in 1997.
Broke-N-Unsigned was the spearhead release of the group, as each emcee delivered rough, unpolished aggressive lines, and to their credit, birthed them into the hip-hop scene of the P.I. From there many artists requested for a Pamilia D. collaboration on their albums: El Latino, Legit Misfitz, Urban Flow, Fung Zoi, DFT and spots in the United Freestyles Vol. 2 and REkOGNIZE compilation.
The year 2000 brought forth another EP release from Pamilia D. in the form of Dra*Manila. More conceptual based than Broke-N-Unsigned but more fluid and musically ripe for newer listeners, that release eventually declared Pamila D. as a legitimate hip-hop crew, while most groups don’t even see the day of light past their debut albums. From there, DJ Arbie eventually worked on solo projects and producing for other artists and the Pamilia D. members fulfilled their duties as students, 9 to 5 jobs and other countless tasks.
In a fledging music industry that refuses any sort of risks, Pamilia D. refuses to stand still and let the powers that be initiate some sort of change. Instead of riding on the usual gimmicks, Pamilia D. has set forth on releasing their first full-length album called Third Diagram. Backed again by DJ Arbie and a rejuvenated sense of urgency, this third release seems to be what the hip-hop scene has been lacking for the past five years. A testament of longevity, passion and street credibility, Third Diagram will be the launch pad for the group and even securing each MC with a solo venture. Unlike Dra*Manila where experimentation pushed them to their limits, the group returns to the familiar sound they are renown for, the spiritual, wisdom, street knowledge gumbo we call hip-hop. To many, Third Diagram will push Pamila D’s career further than just cult status but to Olympian heights as the premier underground hip-hop crew to make some noise, even without a major label.

To Download?-----Wala Po!!!

Better Buy the album...

Much Love for my Pamilia D Brothers.....


2009 Re-Issue Remixes 1 Mocha vs Dj Ken Tanabe

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Here is a bootleg mix for Mocha (Girls)  way back in suburbia manila days...The girl was hot off the grill and whatcha dj can do but touch it (her songs). Here i got some spaces for my rap part...its another story in my crates of previous recordings.. I personnally asked her at Ratsky Malate about this joint and yes i got it... the sexy yes dj ken.....

check this on out just click that link to download it :


enjoy her (her music ok)

Official Mocha Webpage